Membrane Transport in Living Systems

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Research Overview

Our research is focused on understanding how microbial cells interact with their environment both as a community and as individual cells with an emphasis of membrane transporter regulation. Besides standard microbiology techniques and omics approaches, we develop bespoke microfluidic devices that enable to accurately control the microenvironment surrounding the cells and perform a series of functional assays on the very same individual cell. This allows us to shed light on the physiology of rare subpopulations of cells that are generally hidden in ensemble measurements on clonal populations. We apply the technology we develop for collaborative studies on antimicrobial resistance, bacterial physiology, ageing in unicellular organisms and stem cell differentiation.

Recent publications

  1. J. L. Binsley, E. L. Martin, T. O. Myers, S. Pagliara, F. Y. Ogrin
    Microfluidic devices powered by integrated elasto-magnetic pumps
    Lab on a Chip DOI:10.1039/D0LC00935K (2020) [Link][PDF]
  2. J. Cama, M. Voliotis, J. Metz, A. Smith, J. Iannucci, U. F. Keyser, K. Tsaneva-Atanasova, S. Pagliara
    Single-cell microfluidics facilitates the rapid quantification of antibiotic accumulation in Gram-negative bacteria
    Lab on a Chip 20, 2765 (2020) [Link][PDF]
  3. B. Gironi, Z. Kahveci, B. McGill, B.-D. Lechner, S. Pagliara, J. Metz, A. Morresi, F. Palombo, P. Sassi, P. G. Petrov
    Effect of DMSO on the mechanical and structural properties of model and biological membranes
    Biophysical Journal 119, 274 (2020) [Link][PDF]
  4. M. B. Stie, M. Corezzi, A. D. J. Bombin, F. Ajalloueian, E. Attrill, S. Pagliara, J. Jacobsen, I. S. Chronakis, H. M. Nielsen, V. Foderà
    Waterborne Electrospinning of Alpha-lactalbumin Generates Tunable and Biocompatible Nanofibers for Drug Delivery
    ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 1910 (2020) [Link][PDF]
  5. I. E. Kepiro, I. Marzuoli, K. Hammond, X. Ba, H. Lewis, M. Shaw, S. B. Gunnoo, E. De Santis, U. Łapińska, S. Pagliara, M. A. Holmes, C. D. Lorenz, B. W. Hoogenboom, F. Fraternali, M. G. Ryadnov
    Engineering Chirally Blind Protein Pseudo-Capsids into Antibacterial Persisters
    ACS Nano 14, 1609 (2020) [Link][PDF]
    Coverage: The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail
  6. U. Łapińska, G. Glover, P. Capilla-Lasheras, A. J. Young, S. Pagliara
    Bacterial ageing in the absence of external stressors
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 374, 20180442 (2019) [Link][PDF]


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