Publications by Babbage

Based on Babbage's own list printed in Passages from the Life of a Philosopher, corrected by A. W. Van Sinderen (Annals of the History of Computing (1980), 2, no. 2, 169-85).We have followed Babbage in including articles which he directly inspired, even though he was not the nominal author.

Memoirs of the Analytical Society; 1 Preface, in collaboration with John Herschel, i-xxii; 2 on Continued Products, 1-31, Cambridge.

`An Essay Towards the Calculus of Functions', Phil. Trans. 105, 389 423.

`An Essay Towards the Calculus of Functions', Part II, Phil. Trans. 106, 179-256.

`Demonstrations of Some of Dr. Matthew Stewart's General Theorems; To Which is Added, An Account of Some New Properties of the Circle', Journal of Science, 1, 6-24.

S. F. LaCroix, An Elementary Treatise on the Differential and Integral Calculus, Tr. Charles Babbage, John Herschel, and George Peacock, Cambridge, J. Deighton.

`Observations on the Analogy Which Subsists Between the Calculus of Functions and the Other Branches of Analysis', Phil. Trans. 107, 197-216.

`Solutions of Some Problems by Means of the Calculus of Functions', Journal of Science, 2, 371-79.

`An Account of Euler's Method of Solving a Problem Relative to the Move of the Knight at the Game of Chess', Journal of Science, 3, 72-7.

`Note Respecting Elimination', Journal of Science, 3, 355-7.

`On Some New Methods of Investigating the Sums of Several Classes of Infinite Series', Phil. Trans. X, 09, 249-82.

`Demonstration of a Theorem Relating to Prime Numbers', Edin. Phil. Jrl .1,46-9

Examples to the Differential and Integral Calculus, in collaboration with John Herschel and George Peacock. Part 111, `Examples of the Solutions of Functional Equations', was by Babbage, Cambridge, J. Deighton.

`An Examination of Some Questions Connected with Games of Chance', Trans. Roy Soc. I din. 9, 153-77.

`Observations on the Notation Employed in the Calculus of Functions, Trans. Camb. Phil. Soc. 1, 63-76.

`Barometrical Observations Made at the Fall of the Staubbach', in collaboration with John Herschel, Edin. Phil. Jrl. 6, 224-7.

`A Note Respecting the Application of Machinery to the Calculation of Astronomical Tables', Mem. Astron. Soc. 1, 309.

`A Letter to Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. PRS, on the Application of Machinery to the Purpose of Calculating and Printing Mathematical Tables', J. Booth, London.

`Observations on the Application of Machinery to the Computation of Mathematical Tables', Mem. Astron. Soc. 1, 311-14.

`On the Theoretical Principles of the Machinery for Calculating Tables', Edin. Phtl. Jrl. 8, 122-8.

`On the Application of Analysis to the Discovery of Local Theorems and Porisms', Trans. Roy. Son. Edin. 9, 337-52.

Scriptores Optici; or, A Collection of Tracts Relating to Optics, edited in collaboration with Francis Maseres; preface by Babbage. Baldwin, Craddock & Joy, London.

`Observations on the Measurement of Heights by the Barometer', Edin. Jrl. Sci. 85-7.

`Rates of the Protector Life Assurance Company', privately printed, London.

`Account of the Repetition of Mr. Arago's Experiments on the Magnetism Manifested by Various Substances During the Act of Rotation', in collaboration with John Herschel, Phil. Trans. 115, 467-96.

`On a New Zenith Micrometer', Mem. Astron. Soc. 2, 101-3.

A Comparative View of the Various Institutions for the Assurance of Lives, J. Mawman, London.

`On a Method of Expressing by Signs the Action of Machinery', Phil. Trans. 116, 250-65.

`On Electrical and Magnetic Rotations', Phil. Trans. 116, 494-528.

`On the Determination of the General Term of a New Class of Infinite Series', Trans. Camb. Phil. Soc. 2, 217-25.

`Diving Bell', Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, 18, 157 -67.

`On the Influence of Signs in Mathematical Reasoning', Trans. Camb. Phil. Soc. 2, 325-77-

`Notice respecting some Errors Common to many Tables of Logarithms', Mem. Astron. Soc. 3, 65-7.

`Evidence on Savings Banks, before a Committee of the House of Commons', Reports from the Committees of the House of Commons, III, 1826-7, 869-558.

Table of Logarithms of the Natural Numbers from 1 to 108000, J. Mawman, London.

`Account of the Great Congress of Philosophers at Berlin on the 18th September 1828', Edin. Jrl. Sci. 10, 225-34.

`A Letter to the Right Hon. T. P. Courtenay, on the Proportionate Number of Births of the Two Sexes under Different Circumstances', Edin. Jrl. Sci. NS, 1, 85-104.

`On the General Principles which Regulate the Application of Machinery to Manufacture and the Mechanical Arts', Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, 8, 1-84.

`Notation', Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, 15, 394-9.

`Porisms', op. cit.,17, 106-14.

Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and some of its Causes, (dedicated to `a nobleman', probably Lord Ashley, later Earl of Shaftesbury) B. Fellowes, London.

Sketch of the Philosophical Characters of Dr. Wollaston and Sir Humphry Davy, B. Fellowes, London.

`Mathematical Questions,' Mathematical Repository, New Series, 5, 51, 63-4, 66-7, 71-2, 178-80.

`Sur l'emploi plus ou moins frequent des memes lettres dans les differentes langues', (in a letter to L. A. J. Quetelet), Corr. mathematique et physique, 7, 135-7

Specimen of Logarithm Tables (21 vols.): two pages from Babbage's edition of the logarithmic tables printed in many different coloured inks on many different colours and shades of paper - a single copy was printed (now in the Crawford Library), B. Fellowes, London.

Table of Logarithms of the Natural Numbers from 1-108,000, on Different Coloured Papers, single copy printed (28 volumes are now in the Crawford Library. Babbage said 35 were originally printed), B. Fellowes, London.

`On the Advantage of a collection of Numbers, to be Entitled the Constants of Nature and Art', Edin. Jrl. Sci. NS6, 334-40. (Expanded versions of this paper were later published in: Compte Rends des Travaux du Congres General de Statistique, 1835, 222-30, Bruxelles; and The Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, 1856, 289-302).

On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures, Charles Knight, London. A second and third edition were published in 1832, and a fourth edition with index in 1835; translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Swedish. (In 1833 three chapters were published as a pamphlet, On Currency, on a Near System of Manufacturing, and on the Effect of Machinery on Human Labour, Charles Knight, London; a further extract was published in 1899 as How to Invent Machinery, ed. William H. Atherton, Manchester.)

A Word to the Wise, John Murray, London. (reprinted in 1856 and subtitled: Observations on Peerage for Life.)

Abstract of a Paper Entitled: `Observations on the Temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli; with Remarks on Certain Causes which May Produce Geological Cycles of Great Extent' (full paper published in 1847), Richard Taylor, London.

`Une lettre a M. Quetelet de M. Ch. Babbage relativement a la machine a calculer', . Acad. Roy. Bruxelles, Bulletins, 2, 123-6.

`Letter from Mr. A. Sharp to Mr. J. Crosthwait, Hoxton, Feb. 2, 1721-2, Decyphered by C. Babbage, Esq. From the Original Letter in Shorthand'; in An Account of the Revd John Flamsteed, the First Astronomer-Royal, 348, by Francis Baily, Admiralty, London.

The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise; A Fragment, John Murray, London. 2nd. ed. 1838.

`On the Mathematical Powers of the Calculating Engine' (Ms. in Museum of History of Science, Oxford); published 1973, Brian Randell (ed), The Origins of Digital Computers, 17-52, Springer.

`On Impressions in Sandstone Resembling Those of Horses' Hoofs', Proc. Geol Soc. 2, 439.

`Letter from Mr. Babbage to the Members of the British Association for the Promotion of Science', Richard Clay, London.

`Notions sur la Machine Analytique de M. Charles Babbage' (by L. F. Menabrea), Bibliotheque Universelle de Geneve, 41, 352-76; tr. with additional notes by Ada Lovelace as `Sketch of the Analytical Engine', (1843) Scientific Memoirs, iii, 666-731. (On page 373 of the Menabrea paper le cas n = [infinity], was misprinted as le cos n = [infinity]. Ada translated this as `when the cos of n = [infinity]`, which is nonsense.).

`Statement of the Circumstances Respecting Mr. Babbage's Calculating Engines' (by Sir Harris Nicolas), privately printed, London.

`Statement of the Circumstances attending the Invention and Construction of Mr. Babbage's Calculating Engines', Phil. Mag. 23, 234-5.

`Addition to the Memoir of M. Menabrea on the Analytical Engine', Ibid, 235-9.

`Description of the Boracic Acid Works of Tuscany'; Handbook for Travellers in Central Italy, 178-9, John Murray, London.

`On the Principles of Tools for Turning and Planing Metals'; in Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, by Charles Holtzapffel, 2, 984-7, Holtzapffel, London.

`Observations on the Temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli, Near Naples', Taylor, London.

`The Planet Neptune and the Royal Astronomical Society's Medal', The Times, 15 March.

Thoughts on the Principles of Taxation with Reference to a Property Tax, and its Exceptions, John Murray, London. 2nd ed.1851; 3rd ed. 1852.

`Laws of Mechanical Notation', privately printed, London.

The Exposition of 1851; or Views of the Industry, the Science, and the Government o/England, John Murray, London.2nd ed. 1851.

`Notes Respecting lighthouses', privately printed, London.

`Note Respecting the Pink Projections from the Sun's Disc Observed during the Total Solar Eclipse in 1851', Monthly Notices Astron. Soc. 12, 209-10.

`On the Statistics of Lighthouses', Compte Rends des travaux du Congres Generals de Slatistique, 230-7, Bruxelles.

`Report on the Opthalmoscope', (by T. Wharton Jones), British and Foreign Medical Rev. 14, 425-32.

`Mr. Thwaites's Cypher', Jrl. Soc. Arts, 90, 663-4, 93, 707-8, 95, 732-3, 98, 776-7.

`Submarine Navigation', Illustrated London News, 749, 623-4.

`On the Possible Use of the Occulting Telegraph at Sebastapol', The Times, 16 July, 6 f

`A Method of Laying the Guns of a Battery Without Exposing the Men to the Shot of the Enemy', Illustrated London News, no.757, 210.

`Sur la machine suedoise de MM. Scheutz pour calculer les tables mathematiques', Comptes rendus hebdomadaires, 41, 557-60, Academie des Sciences, Paris.

`Cypher Writing', Jrl. Soc. Arts, 159, 40-1.

`Scheutz's Difference Engine and Babbage's Mechanical Notation' (by Henry Babbage), Proc. Inst. Civil Eng. 15, 497-514. Also published as separate pamphlet.

`On the Action of Ocean Currents in the Formation of the Strata of the Earth', Quart. Jrl. Geol. Soc. 12, 366-8.

`Analysis of the Statistics of the Clearing House During the Year 1839', Jrl. Stat. Soc. 19, 28-48. Also published as a separate pamphlet.

Observations Addressed at the Last anniversary to the President and Fellows o/'the Royal Society, John Murray, London.

`Table of the Relative Frequency of Occurrence of the Causes of Breaking of Plate Glass Windows', Mechanics Mag. 66, 82.

`Observations on the Discovery in Various Localities of the Remains of Human Art Mixed with the Bones of Extinct Races of Animals', Proc. Roy. Soc. 10, 59-72.

`On Easily Recognisable Signs in Drawings', Proc. Fourth International Statistical Congress, 380, London.

`Letter to Dr. Farr, on the Origin of the International Statistical Congresses', Proc. Fourth International Statistical Congress, 505-7, London.

Passages on the Life of a Philosopher, Longman, Green, London. (`A Chapter on Street Nuisances' was published by John Murray prior to publication of the book.)

Thoughts upon an Extension of the Franchise, Longman, Green, London.

`Observations on the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy', Quart. Jrl. Geol. Soc. 24, 273-7.

`History of the Analytical Engine' (incomplete), published posthumously with additions by Henry Prevost Babbage as Babbage's Calculating Engines, Spon, London.

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