Babbage, Benjamin, Sr.,
was Babbages grandfather, and mayor of Totnes
Babbage, Benjamin,
Babbage`s father, merchant and banker.
Babbage, Benjamin Herschel,
Babbage`s eldest son, always known as Herschel.
Babbage, Elizabeth Plumleigh (née Teape),
Babbage`s mother.
Babbage, Georgiana (née Whitmore),
Babbage`s wife.
Babbage, Georgiana,
Babbage`s daughter.
Babbage, Major General Henry Prevost,
Babbage`s youngest surviving son.
Memoirs and Correspondence, privately printed, London, 1910.
Babbage, John,
Babbage`s great-grandfather.
Babbage, Dr. John,
Babbage`s Uncle.
Babbage, Mary Anne (later Hollier),
Babbage`s sister.
Babbage, John Herchel and Sir John Josiah Guest (the great steel master) were trustees for Mary Anne Hollier's marriage settlement.

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