2D Attogram Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
23rd June 2017

Dr Mark Pitter

Dr Mark Pitter

Mark Pitter (Recognised Researcher) was promoted to Senior Research Fellow in August 2004 in recognition of the seminal contributions he has made to a number of important projects. In a previous EU funded project he developed a new optical strain measurement system, which has resulted in a commercial product OMISTRAIN. The royalties from this work are being reinvested in novel sensor development. He has developed a novel widefield heterodyne interferometer. More recently he has designed integrated optical sensor chips under GR/R73041/01 in collaboration with Exeter University. These chips show the feasibility of scaling to larger array dimensions. Dr Pitter has recently patented a single photon array detector, which avoids the need to gate out unwanted photons and thus gives vastly superior photon utilisation compared to current technologies such as the gated CCD

Dr Mark Pitter is based in Nottingham.

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