2D Attogram Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
26th June 2017

Prof Roy Sambles

Prof Roy Sambles

Roy Sambles is Professor of Physics at Exeter University and a Fellow of the Royal Society with research interests in wavelength-scale structures, surface plasmons, liquid crystals, microwave photonics and photonics in biology. Prof. Sambles is a leader in the fields of liquid crystal optics, microwave photonics, surface plasmons and metal film physics with over 390 refereed papers. His group has pioneered the use of the optical excitation of guided waves to explore in detail the director profile in thin liquid crystal layers. The Group has also pioneered work on diffractive metal surfaces and associated resonant surface plasmon modes.

Researchers in the group have also produced the first report of a self-organised periodic photonic structure in a smectic A liquid crystal (LC) constrained in a ‘frustrated’ geometry. This may lead the way to new large area photonics structures. They have also implemented the use of LC cells to produce optical polarisation dither for the differential SPR technique. This has resulted in a patent on the underlying differential technology.

Prof Roy Sambles is based in Exeter.

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