Recent Publications


Measurement of the localised plasmon penetration depth for gold nanoparticles using a non-invasive bio-stacking method
Read T, Olkhov RV, Shaw AM., Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2013 Apr 28;15(16):6122-7.

pH-Dependent Electronic Surface Spectra of Chromophore Species in the Silica-Water Interface
Nicholas D.L Walker, Rouslan V. Olkhov and Andrew M. Shaw. RSC Adv., 2013,3, 10927-10933.


Whole blood screening of antibodies using label-free nanoparticle biophotonic array platform
Olkhov RV, Parker R, Shaw AM. Biosens Bioelectron. 2012 Jun-Jul;36(1):1-5.

Differential Immuno-kinetic Assays of Allergen-Specific Binding for Peanut Allergy Serum Analysis
Rouslan V. Olkhov, Edward R. Kaminski and Andrew M. Shaw. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012 Nov;404(8):2241-7.

Conjugation to gold nanoparticles improves antigen immunogenicity
A. E. Gregory, E. D. Williamson, J. L. Prior, W. Butcher, I. J. Thompson,  A. M. Shaw, R.W. Titball. Vaccine. 2012 Nov 6;30(48):6777-82.

Crystal structure of human soluble CD73
D.P.H.M. Heuts, M. J. Weissenborn, R. V. Olkhov, A.M. Shaw, C. Levy, N.S. Scruttona.  Chembiochem. 2012 Nov 5;13(16):2384-91.

Plasmon Biophotonic Arrays for Multi-Analyte Biosensing in Complex Media
A. M. Shaw , R. V. Olkhov, A. Jerdev, and W. L. Barnes. In Nanoplasmonic Sensors, Ed Alexander Dimitriev, Springer (New York, 2012) ISBN 978-1-4614-3933.


Silver Nanoparticle enhanced Silver Ion Stress Response in Escherichia coli K12
Jonathan McQuillan1, Heidi Goenaga Infante, Emma Stokes and Andrew M. Shaw, Nanotoxicology. 2012 Dec;6:857-66.


Human Serum Albumin Interference on Immuno-kinetic Assay for Antibody Screening in Model Blood Sera
Bernard van Vuuren, Thomas Reed, Rouslan V. Olkhov and Andrew. M. Shaw. Analytical Biochemistry. 2010 Oct 1;405(1):114-20

Plasmon Biophotonic Arrays for Multi-Analyte Biosensing in Complex Media
R. V. Olkhov1, A. Jerdev, A. M. Shaw and W. L. Barnes (Book Chapter ?)

Quantitative label-free screening for antibodies using scattering biophotonic microarray imaging
Olkhov RV, Shaw AM., Analytical Biochemistry. 2010 Jan 1;396(1):30-5.


  • Method for the Preparation of a Novel Nanoparticle Conjugate. R. Titball, A.M. Shaw and A. Gregory, Patent Application Number 1003088.0 (24 February 2010)
  • Method for Predicting the Immune Response Post-Operatively, A.M. Shaw (2010, Filed)


Aggregation Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles at the Silica-Water Interface
J Phys Chem C 113(14), 5514-5519. Kretzers, I.K.J., Parker, R.J., Olkhov, R.V., Shaw, A.M. (2009)

Whole serum BSA antibody screening using a label-free biophotonic nanoparticle array
Rouslan V. Olkhov, Jeremy D. Fowke, Andrew M. Shaw Analytical Biochemistry 385 (2009) 234–241


Label-Free Antibody-Antigen Binding Detection by Optical Sensor Array Based on Surface-Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles
Rouslan V. Olkhov and Andrew M. Shaw – Biosensors and Bioelectronics 23 (2008) 1298–1302


Uranyl-Specific Binding at a Functionalised Interface: a Chemophotonic Fibre Optic Sensor Platform
Neil W Hayes, Clare J Tremlett, Patricia J. Melfi, Jonathon D. Sessler and Andrew M. ShawAnalyst 133 (2008), 616 – 620

pH controlled Self Assembled Monolayers of Thioctic Acid on gold: Interfacial pH and Surface pKa
Maxim Rooth and Andrew M. Shaw J. Phys. Chem. 111 (42), (2007) 15363 -15369.

Gold Nanoparticle Binding Kinetics at the Silica-Water Interface
Jonathan P. Fisk, Maxim Rooth and Andrew M. Shaw J. Phys. Chem. C; 111(6) (2007) 2588 – 2594.

Non-linear Plasmon Response to Protein Binding at a Nanostructured Gold Particle Plasmon Resonance Surface
Josephine P. O’ Reilly, Jonathan D. Fisk, Elaine Perkins and Andrew M. Shaw. PCCP .; 9, (2007) 344–345.


Method for fabrication of Photonic Biosensor Arrays

  • Patent application No 0705604.7 (UKIPO Ref GBP290900)
  • Filed on 23rd March 2007 (PCT filing being completed – Feb 2008)
  • Applicant – University of Exeter (Rouslan V. Olkhov and Andrew Shaw).

Photonic Biosensor Arrays

  • Patent application No 0705594.0 (UKIPO Ref GBP290899)
  • Filed on 23rd March 2007 (PCT filing completed – Feb 2008)
  • Applicant – University of Exeter (Rouslan V. Olkhov, Andrew M Shaw and William R. Barnes)


Comment: Interfacial pH of an Isolated Silica-Water Interface – Stability of the Inner Helmholtz Plane
Jonathan D. Fisk, Josephine P. O’Reilly and Andrew M. Shaw J. Phys Chem B 110, (2006) 15039- 15040

Interfacial pH of a Thioctic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayer
Maxim Rooth and Andrew M. Shaw Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2006, 8, 4741 – 4743.

Astrochemistry: From Astronomy to Astrobiology, Andrew M. Shaw, Wiley & Sons, Chichester (2006).

Educational Publications

  • DIBs : A great unsolved Mystery A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 10, 30, (2000).
  • A Paint under Pressure A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 11,2, (2001).
  • Where there’s smoke there’s gravity A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 11,3, (2002)
  • Genetic Chess by Jellyfish Light, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 12,1 (2002).
  • Life Under Ice, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review 13(2) 2003.
  • Raindrops on Titan, A.M. Shaw, Chemistry Review (2007)
  • Titan: Life in a Different Solvent? Chemistry Review (2008)

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