Zero Gravity Candle Flames


This is a great NASA image showing a rather unexpected consequence of zero gravity in the International Space Station. Hot air rises on earth as it is less dense than its surroundings and it becomes buoyant. Take the gravity away and there is no buoyancy and the hot air doesn’t rise.

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International visit to OECD workshop (Sydney, Australia)

International visit to OECD workshop in Sydney Australia 24st – 25th February 2011.

Lecture: “Physical-chemical properties controlling the environmental fate of nanoparticles”

National Measurement Institute, Lindfield Sydney:

Lecture; “Label-Free Biophotonic Arrays for Profiling the Blood Proteome: Allergy and the Immune Response”

National University of Singapore, host Dr Thorsten Wohland invited talk

National Technical University in Singapore, host Dr Rod Bates

Other visits in Australia, Monash University, Deakin University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales

Return trip via Hong Kong to visit Hong Kong University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Valladolid Spain, January 2011

January 21st – 25th January 2011, Valladolid Spain. Conference LÁSERES Y APLICACIONES EN QUÍMICA (QUIMILASER), that is, Lasers and applications in Chemistry (QUIMILASER).

Two invited lectures;

  • “Quantitative Challenges in Complex Biological Systems: Measurements and Mechanisms”
  • “Academic Entrepreneurship: the Business of Science”
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Advances in Array Technology

Advances in Array Technology, Dublin 25th – 26th May 2010.

Invited Lecture;

  • ”Label-Free Biophotonic Array Technology for Serum Screening”
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