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Centre for Water Systems

The Centre for Water Systems was established in August 1998 by Prof Godfrey Walters and Prof Dragan Savic, who have together, developed a productive research group of 20 people working on projects ranging from sewer design to reservoir operation.

The Centre aims to fulfil a real need for both fundamental and applied research into water systems engineering.  As the expansion and development of the world population continues, it brings with it increased industrialisation, intensive agriculture, increased pollution and possible climate changes, thereby putting severe pressure on water resources.  The provision of an adequate and reliable supply of safe, clean water and the safe treatment and disposal of waste-water are set to become high political priorities world-wide.

CWS has numerous links academia and industry, both nationally and internationally.  On the academic side, CWS currently holds joint research projects with the University of Sheffield and Imperial College, whilst active collaboration proceeds with universities in Adelaide, Manitoba, Sao Paulo and Rabat.  On the industrial side, the Centre is working with most of the UK water Companies, the Environment Agency, the Post Office, leading international consultants Halcrow and Binnie Black and Veatch and specialist UK water consultants, Ewan Associates Ltd.

Grants and Contracts

The Centre currently holds five EPSRC research grants totalling £1,021,059 and industry sponsored research contracts worth £138,000.



EPSRC (WITE), Ewan Associates Ltd. and MIRCE Centre, £131,906, 1999-2002. 

A Whole Life Costing Approach to Distribution Network Management (D.A.Savic and G.A.Walters)


EPSRC (WITE),  £143,551, 1999-2002.

Inverse Problem Solution of Transient Flows in Water Distribution System for Leakage Detection and Quantification and Roughness Calibration. (D.A.Savic and G.A.Walters)


EPSRC (WITE), £63,180, 2000-03.

Network: Advanced Computer Technology for Underground Infrastructure (G.A.Walters and D.A.Savic).   


EPSRC, £427,428, 2000-04.

Platform Grant: Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter (D.A.Savic and G.A.Walters)


EPSRC, £254,994, 2000-05

Evolutionary Methods for Risk Optimisation of Strategic Water Supply Investment Schemes (D.A.Savic)


Ewan Group plc, £18,000, 1999-2002
Industrial CASE studentship support
Ewan Group plc, £180,000, 1997-01
Developing and Testing of Software for the Optimal Improvement of Water Networks (with D.A.Savic)

Ewan Group plc, £40,000, 2001-2002

Recent Publications

The Centre has already established an international reputation with numerous papers published in quality leading journals and presented at conferences world-wide.  

1.  Walters, G.A. and D.A.Savic (eds), Water Network Modelling for Optimal Design and Management, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, 2000. [ISBN 0-9539140-0-3]

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3.   M.O.Engelhardt, P.J.Skipworth, D.A.Savic, A.J.Saul and G. A. Walters (2000) “Rehabilitation Strategies for Water Distribution Networks: a literature review with a UK perspective”, Urban Water, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 153-170

4.    M.S.Morley, R.M. Atkinson, D.A. Savic and G.A. Walters, (2001), “GAnet: Genetic Algorithm platform for pipe network optimisation”, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 32. No. 6, pp. 467-475.

5.    A.F.Diogo, G.A.Walters and Sousa (2000) “Three-dimensional Optimization of Urban Drainage Systems”, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Vol.15, pp.409-426.

6.   D.K.Smith and G.A.Walters. (2000) An Evolutionary Approach for Finding Optimal Trees in Undirected Networks, European Journal of Operational Research, 120 (2000), pp.593-602.  

7.    Savic, D.A., G.A. Walters and J.W. Davidson (1999), A Genetic Programming Approach to Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, Water Resources Management, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 219-231.

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10.  Walters, G.A., D.Halhal, D.A,Savic and D.Ouazar (1999), Improved Design of “Anytown” Network Using Structured Messy Genetic Algorithms, Urban Water, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 23-38.  

11.  Savic, D.A., G.A. Walters, R.M. Atkinson, M. Randall-Smith (1999), Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Large Water Distribution System Expansion, Journal of Measurement and Control, Vol.32, No.4, pp.104-109

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13.  Savic, D.A. and G.A. Walters (eds.), (1999) Water Industry Systems: modelling and optimization applications (Vols. 1and 2), Water Engineering Management Series, Research Studies Press, Baldock, Hertfordshire, England.



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