The Financial Fiction Genre

Banking and Finance in Literature

By Roy Davies, brother of the financial thriller writer, Linda Davies.

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  • False hopes of a gold rush in Wales and a failed bank in Ireland helped to inspire a novel by Dickens?
  • Credit cards were predicted in a 19th century novel?
  • What links Phileas Fogg, the hero of Around the Word in Eighty Days and Nick Leeson?
  • Although Emile Zola wrote a great novel about banking and the Parisian bourse in the 19th century he himself never had a bank account?
  • What the connection is between the financing of the London Underground and the man who inspired an American trilogy?
  • Thackeray turned to writing after losing a fortune in Indian banks?
  • Tulips were the cause of the world's first stock exchange crisis and a tale of financial shenanigans involving tulips, told to Alexandre Dumas by the King of Holland, provided inspiration for a novel?
  • Jules Verne was a stock broker before becoming a writer?
  • What links Tom Clancy and Sir Francis Walsingham, secretary of state and spymaster for Queen Elizabeth I at the time of the Spanish Armada?
  • Which entrepreneur known as the "railway king" served as a model for the great swindler Augustus Melmotte in a novel by Trollope?
  • Which writer with a famous literary surname specialises in novels about the world's best-known insurance market, Lloyd's of London?
  • Which novel, published a year earlier, was said to have foreshadowed the crash of Barings Bank?
  • Which 19th century British naval hero was imprisoned for his involvement in a stock exchange scandal and later inspired a series of works of nautical fiction?
  • Which two novelists wrote thrillers about a devastating terrorist attack on Wall Street, many years before the destruction of the World Trade Center?
  • Which financial thriller includes action on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?
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Financial Fiction through the Ages

From Chaucer to the Victorian and Edwardian Eras
Geoffrey Chaucer, Daniel Defoe, Bernard Mandeville, Sir Walter Scott, Alexandre Dumas, Stendhal, Honoré de Balzac, Harriet Martineau, William Makepeace Thackeray, Charles Dickens, Gustav Freytag, Anthony Trollope, George Gissing, Emile Zola and Joseph Conrad.
From the Dawn of the American Century to the 1970s
L. Frank Baum, Frank Norris, Theodore Dreiser, Edwin Lefevre, Upton Sinclair, Ayn Rand, Bruce Marshall and Leslie Waller.
Finance without Frontiers, 1970-
Paul Erdman, Arthur Hailey, Michael M. Thomas, William Gaddis, Zachary Stone, Peter van Greenaway and James Patterson.
Social Commentators, Journalists and Educators
Tom Wolfe, Jay McInerney, John Kenneth Galbraith, Marshall Jevons, Larry Crumbley, Alexander Davidson, Ken Follett, David Ignatius, John Harman, Ethan Cooper, Thomas M. Sipos, Antonia Swinson, James R. Cook, Brian Wizard, Derrick Niederman, Helen Dunne, James Harland, Roel Janssen, Don DeLillo, Jane Smiley and Matthew Lee.
Banker - Novelists and Modern Financial Thrillers
Po Bronson, Linda Davies, Michael Ridpath, Stephen Frey, L. Marguerite Shakespeare, Paul Erdman, Michael M. Thomas, Klas Eklund, Karl G. Sjödin, John McLaren, Christopher Reich, Stephen Rhodes, Paul Kilduff, Lesley Campbell, Patrick Bell, Harry Bingham, Regan Ashbaugh, Derrick Niederman, Victor Sperandeo, Alvaro Almeida, David Schofield, Johnny John Heinz, Geoffrey Sambrook, Annette Meyers, Bob Williamson, Cardwell, David Charters, Ken Morris, Michael Culp, Peter Spiegelman, Robert Kelsey and Polly Courtney.
Japanese Business Novels
Main Kohda, Ryo Takasugi, Eiji Oshita, Ikko Shimizu, Saburo Shiroyama, Akimitsu Takagi, Peter Tasker, Julia Notaro, and Tom Clancy.

Finance in other Genres

Legal Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Spy Thrillers, Historical and Romantic Fiction
William Shakespeare, John Grisham, Brad Meltzer, Emma Lathen, Peter Hřeg, Ian Fleming, John le Carré, Tom Clancy, Rafael Sabatini, Ken Follett, Susan Howatch, Lindsey Davis, Deborah Moggach, David Liss, Patrick O'Brian and Sheila O'Flanagan.
Science Fiction
Jules Verne, Edward Bellamy, Samuel Butler, Eric Frank Russell, Frederik Pohl, and William Gibson.

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