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Nest of Vipers

Toronto Sun
"Nest of Vipers is very good."

Daily Mail
"A wonderful, glossy, sexy thriller ... masses of plotting, counter-plotting and double doubles, a marvellously brave, beautiful heroine, a devastatingly desirable baddie-hero and the kind of detail that involves you 101 per cent."

Chicago Tribune
"Nest of Vipers certainly qualifies as fast-paced fun."

Fortune Magazine
"If John Grisham ... were female and British and attuned to the high-tech tintinnabulation of currencies changing hands around the world, he might write a twisty thriller such as Nest of Vipers."

Sunday Times
"This is an accomplished thriller."

Evening Standard
"A taut sexy thriller about corruption and general nastiness in the City."

Sunday Express
"Linda Davies shows all the signs of an emerging storyteller of talent."

Entertainment Weekly
"Utterly fascinating ..."

New Woman
"Wall Street's answer to Scott Turow."

Publishers Weekly
"Her writing style is mellifluous, her understanding of high-stakes currency trading authoritative yet unobtrusive, and her action scence snap - making this a financial thriller with bull, not bear, written all over it."


Wilderness of Mirrors

Library Journal
"A high-speed financial thriller that spans the globe from London to Southeast Asia."

The Times
"It's well-structured and the climax in the jungles of Vietnam is good rough-and-tumble stuff."

Kirkus Reviews
"An immensely entertaining fiscal thriller notable for its exotic locations."

Publishers Weekly
"Fast-moving...parlays money, sex and mayhem into an excitement...establishes a sterling future for Davies."

Book TV broadcast on Tuesday March 5, 1996.
"Once again Davies creates a financial thriller that is impossible to put down."


Into the Fire

General Sir Peter de la Billiere
"A cracking, fast-paced thriller. Excellently researched. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
General de la Billiere commanded the British forces in the Gulf War. The above quotation, from a letter by him, appears on the cover of Into the Fire.
Financial Times
"A fan of Graham Greene and John Le Carré, Linda Davies' speciality is the link between banking and the secret service ... Into the Fire uses fraud as the springboard that catapults its feisty, aikido-kicking heroine into a steamy espionage plot that reaches its apex at the Inca temple of Machu Picchu."

Daily Express
"This slick novel about banking, murder and international travel is epic in aim ... Linda Davies clearly knows both Peru and the banking world well ... It is the excellent depiction of Peru and the well handled cliff-hanger ending, that makes this a worthwhile holiday read."

Le Figaro
"Ayant travaille sept ans dans une banque d'investissements avant de passer quelques années au Pérou, c'est évidemment dans son expérience que Linda Davies ... a puisé les decors et la trame de ce roman qui mêle le thriller au livre d'action et que dessome un très fascinante et très séduisant portraite de femme hantée, volontaire, expert en arts martiaux et tentée par tous les démons de la liberté. Une très romanesque histoire racontée avec autant de vivacité que d'élégance."
From the review in Le Figaro of Dans La Fournaise, the French version of Into the Fire.


Something Wild

Statement by David Pullman, the inventor of Bowie Bonds.
"I was so honored when I heard that a best-selling author of Linda Davies' caliber was writing a novel based on my first deal with David Bowie. Intellectual property continues to grow and is now a trillion dollar market. Linda's book gives readers a look at how exciting this industry can be."
David Pullman is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Pullman Group.
Penny Vincenzi
"Absolutely brilliant. It kept me awake till dawn."
Quoted on the cover of the paperback edition.
Evening Times (Glasgow)
"It's a thrilling, pacey novel with a strong central character and intriguing plot."

WH Smith's Book of the Week
Week beginning 11 November 2002.

The Herald (Glasgow)
"Something Wild, is another sexy page-turner."
"This is a scorcher! ... A sassy thriller with unpredictable plots and counter-plots. I loved Davies's use of language, which was immediate and modern. I'm off to buy her other books."

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