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A biography of Glyn Davies. A detailed listing for every chapter.

Bibliographic Details

Davies, Glyn. A history of money from ancient times to the present day, 3rd ed.
Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2002. 720p.
ISBN 0-7083-1773-1 (hardback),  ISBN 0-7083-1717-0 (paperback).

The new edition was reprinted in November 2005. ( It should be possible to order the book from good book shops, whose staff are used to dealing with orders for works of an educational or scholarly nature, anywhere if you give them the bibliographic information above. (Information about the publishers and their North American agents is given below). You can also place orders online with various suppliers both in Europe and in North America, e.g. Amazon who offer world-wide delivery.

Online book stores based in Europe

Blackwell's is the UK's largest academic and professional bookseller and offers world-wide delivery. 
Paperback from Blackwell's. Blackwell's currently state (7 February 2012) that the book is in stock and available for immediate dispatch. new! is the British branch of and it offers world-wide delivery of all British Books.
Paperback from Amazon currently state (7 February 2012) that the book is in stock and therefore should be dispatched promptly. new!

Global Investor Bookshop, a specialist online shop for books on finance and related subject.
Paperback from Global Investor Bookshop. GIB currently state (7 February 2012) the book usually ships within 5 to 7 working days.

Online Book stores based in North America is the world's best-known purely Internet-based book supplier. It operates from the the United States and supplies customers all over the world. Amazon also has a British branch (see above) which might be more convenient for people based in Europe.
Paperback from in the United States. Amazon currently state (February 7, 2012) the book is in stock and available for one-day Shipping. new!
Paperback from, the Canadian branch of Amazon. currently state (December 23, 2009) that the book is in stock and therefore should be dispatched promptly.

Barnes & Noble are the biggest chain of booksellers in the world.
Paperback from Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble currently state (February 7, 2012) that the book usually ships within 24 hours of receiving your order. new!

Physical Bookshops in the US

Readers in the US can use the American Booksellers Association database for finding local bookstores. Alternatively try Publishers Book and Audio, who specialize in phone orders and credit cards. Phone toll-free 1-800-288-2131.

The Publisher

University of Wales Press
10 Columbus Walk
Brigantine Place
Cardiff CF10 4UP
Tel. +44(0)29-2049-6899
Fax +44(0)29-2049-6108 

North American Agents

The University of Chicago Press acts as the agent and distributor in North America for the University of Wales Press. Enquiries about orders should be sent to

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