Money - Past, Present & Future

Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and Electronic Money


Monetary History

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
An annotated chronology and essays on various topics based on the standard work on the subject by Glyn Davies.
Current Value of Old Money
Information about changes in the value of money over the centuries.
The Origins of the term "Dollar" and the Dollar Sign
An outline of their history and the use of the name in various countries.
Other Sources on Monetary History
A collection of links.

Forms of Money

Coins and paper money - traditional, everyday cash. (Links)
Electronic money, the money of the future? Also includes an FAQ. (Links)
Who's Who in Bowie Bonds
Securitisation can turn intangible assets into hard cash, e.g. the bonds such as those issued by David Bowie, backed by the copyright of his music.

Politics of Money

The Euro - Europe's single common currency
The greatest financial experiment in history - monetary union, its progress and prospects. (Links)
Money facts and Money Controversies
How the system works and contentious issues. (Links)
Libertarian views on Money
Should governments really control money? (Links)

Financial Scandals

Financial Scandals Homepage
Enron, Barings, BCCI, Parmalat and other high-profile cases, political corruption, the mafia, money laundering, bankers behaving badly, etc.

Money and Banking in Fiction

Financial Thrillers by Linda Davies
Details of the novels of the former investment banker (and sister of the maintainer of this site!).
The Financial Fiction Genre
Banking and finance in the fiction of Dumas, Dickens, Thackeray, Zola etc. and modern authors.

Alternative Forms of Exchange

The oldest form of exchange is still important today and the Internet provides new opportunities for barter. (Links)
Local and Interest-free Currencies and Informal Credit Systems
Alternative monetary systems in an age of globalisation. (Links)
Gambling on Derivatives
Financial transactions of a highly abstract nature, not directly involving real trade, pose considerable risk to the global financial system.

Economics of, and on, the Internet

The Internet and Economics
The information economy. (Links)
Accountancy, Banking and Finance
Sources of information on various topics including consumer information, personal finance, currency codes and conversion between currencies. (Links)


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The directory name arian in this URL is the Welsh word for money. It also means silver, which was for many centuries the most common metal for making coins.
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