The Internet and Economics

This is a page of links to sources of information about the economics of the Internet. For information on electronic money see my web page on Electronic Money, or E-Money, and Digital Cash.
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The Information Economy
A collection of documents and links maintained by Hal Varian, University of California Berkeley.
Economic FAQs About the Internet
This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the economic, institutional, and technological structure of the Internet compiled by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason and Hal R. Varian.
Pricing Studies and Internet Economics new!
A large collection of links to resources on the subject of Internet economics, particularly pricing.
Stan Liebowitz's Home Page
A professor at the University of Texas at Dallas who has written extensively about knowledge goods and the networked economy.
The Review of Nework Economics
A journal that publishes articles on the economics of network industries. Access to the archive is free.
Yi-Nung Yang's Home Page
Recent research works and information related to the Economics of Netowrks. It also provides links to other economics related Web sites. Maintained by Yi-Nung Yang at Chung Hua University.
Network Economics and Services Group
A research group based at Athens University of Economics and Business. Its main activity lies in bridging the gap between traditional economics and modern telecommunication service technology.
Berlecon Research
An organisation based in Germany that undertakes research on information technology economics.
The Economics of Networks
A large collection of information on economic issues of all kinds of networks, such as the Internet, telephone and fax communications networks, railways etc.
Felix Stalder's Home Page
Felix Stalder has been doing research on networks and media for many years and is a co-founder of OpenFlows Networks Ltd.
The Virtual Institute of Information
The Virtual Institute of Information is a research tool for anyone interested in finding information on the economic, business, policy, and social aspects of telecommunications, cybercommunications, and mass media.
A global non-profit organization that has been evolving to meet the needs of companies doing electronic commerce since 1994.
Freelance Writers and Online Commerce
A position paper of the (U.S.) National Writers Union.
Resources for Economists on the Internet
A guide by Bill Goffe, sponsored by the American Economic Association.
Comprehensive Economic Statistics Resources on the Web
Maintained by the University of Michigan Documents Center.
Should Information Be Free?
An essay which argues that the non-commercial exchange of information is a valuable feature of the Internet and that there should be room both for non-profit making and for commercial activities. A shorter version appeared in the inaugural issue of the British edition of Wired.

See also the links in my E-Money page for more information about the economic effects of the Internet.

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