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Bean Counting 101
A free multi-media accounting course for non-cccountants by Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr.
Ohio State's Virtual Finance Library
a resource that Ohio State's Department of Finance provides to academia and investors alike.
RAW : Rutgers Accounting Web
Claims to be the largest accounting website on the Internet.
Intute Business
A major portal for the study of business and managagement, including accountancy.
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
ACCA claims to be the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body, with members in 160 countries.
Find a Chartered Accountant
Information provided by the ICAEW. It includes an online directory of accountancy firms.
Is an online degree in accounting right for you?
A guide for students thinking of studying online for a degree in accounting at university or college in the United States.


Institute for Finance and Banking at the University of Göttingen
The IFBG server has links to all sorts of information on banking, financial services, and money in general, including e-money.
ifs School of Finance
The ifs School of Finance is one of the leading bodies for the provision of both education and life-long career support services to the financial services industry, and formal financial education to the public at large.
The Building Societies Association
The trade association for the UK's building societies. The site contains details of members, answers to frequently asked questions, facts and statistics on building societies, and copies of press releases and newsletters etc.
The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
The Institute, which is the oldest banking Institute in the world, is Scotland's leading provider of Professional Qualifications to the financial services sector.
Bank of England
The official web site of Britain's central bank.
British Bankers' Association
A source of information for consumers, businesses, the media and researchers.
What is the Fed?
Information about the history and functions of the Federal Reserve System compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The Bank's website contains a range of resources for teachers and the pages on the FED are among them.
Canadian Banks
Thid site focuses on the Canadian banking industry, featuring articles about Canadian financial institutions, mortgage, credit and debt.
International Monetary Fund
The IMF is an international organization of 185 member countries. It was established to promote international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and orderly exchange arrangements; to foster economic growth and high levels of employment; and to provide temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment.
World Bank
The central bankers' central bank.
The Central Bank Hub
This is part of the website of the Bank for International Settlements. The Hub includes a directory of the world's central banks with links to their websites, copies of speeches by senior central bankers, and research publications from central banks and other international financial institutions, and articles from the International Journal of Central Banking.
Banking and Finance
This site claims to cover 95% of bank web-sites as well as stock exchanges from 55 countries.
Debunking the Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories
Articles by Edward Flaherty answering common allegations made against the Federal Reserve System.
British Bankers' Association
This website provides you with information about the BBA and also offers access to more information about the banking industry.
Bobsguide to Financial Technology
An online showcase for technologies and services in the banking and finance industry.

Consumer Information, Personal Finance, Stockmarkets etc.

The Definitive Guide to Your Legal and Financial Lifetime
A detailed guide to the sort of legal and financial decisions that people in Britain are typically faced with at all the important stages of their lives. The guide was created and is maintained by Wright Hassall, a legal firm based in the Midlands.
Credits and Debits: Understanding Practical Money Management
A succinct guide that is useful for teaching youth in particular about money.
Company Formation in the UK and Offshore Company Registration, Credit Reports
The website of a UK and international company formation agent incorporated in all the major offshore company jurisdictions. The company also provides banking and merchant account facilities.
A major source of information on all aspects of finance, arranged by topic and by country.
Led by a former Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, provides consumers a unique perspective on the financial world. empowers consumers with easy-to-understand information about money, credit, loans and more. is partnered with trusted financial experts and select companies in order to offer insightful tips, helpful tools and excellent deals.
Choose Money
This site provides the latest news and guides for people in the UK on a range of money matters all authored by a team of specialist financial journalists. It also allows you to compare popular credit cards, loans, bank accounts etc.
The Investing Site - Personal Finance and Investing made Simple
Among the features of this site UK high street bank finder for each town with the opening hours, facilities, address, telephone number and map of local branches.
Online Stock Trading Reviews
A guide to online brokers in the United States.
Absolute Assigned Policies
A British website for people thinking selling their endowment policies.
uSwitch UK Loans
A service for finding the UK's cheapest personal loans.
Big Mortgage Problem
Mortgage advice from a broker may help to save You a lot of pain, time And money.
Bridging Loan Company
Offers fast bridging loans and bridging finance for property professionals.
Pay Finder
PayFinder is a free and anonymous service that will allow you to compare your salary to others within your company, industry and region.
Digital Look
A site for company research, news feeds, and for information about markets, funds, and managing your money.
A UK financial directory covering online investments, share dealing, spread betting, personal and business banking, mortgages, loans, insurance and competitive credit cards.
Finance Facts
Guidance through the maze that is personal finance in the UK.
Hands on Banking: money skills you need for life
A guide for people in different age groups, and also military personnel and entrepreneurs.
The Truth about Money
The Truth About Money Campaign was established to help more people, mainly business owners, professionals, successful high earners and those retired with capital, gain access to the TRUTH about money.
UK Insolvency Helpline
Free advice from a team of money advice workers on all aspects of debt advice, credit repair and insolvency issues.
This Is Money
This Is Money is a British portal for current information about financial matters. It is run by Associated New Media, part of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, and Metro media group.
Personal Finance - Fair Investment Company
Fair Investment Company is a leading independent UK personal finance portal which provides high quality services through appointed partners and select advertisers for the individual and business owner.
Money Extra
An extensive source of information on personal finance dealing particularly with the UK.
Student Credit Cards
A site giving advice on credit cards specifically designed to meet the needs of today's students in Britain.
Credit Card Comparison Online
Compare UK credit cards, featuring extensive information, comparison search tools and ask the experts help services.
Creative Wealth International
Formerly known as the Money Camp this is American site created with the objective of empowering people, including children, to create financial independence for themselves.
Investor Guide
All sorts of information for investors are available from this site which aims to be the leading guide to investing on the Web.
Investor Words
A comprehensive, cross-referenced glossary of investment terms.
Harriman House
The website of a British publisher of finance, trading and investment books.
Gold Eagle
If you are interested in gold, silver or platinum, this is the site for you.
Offshore Banking and Offshore Company Formation Services
For protecting your assets!
A trading platform for investors.
Debt Questions
A free information site providing impartial debt advice for individuals in Britain.
IVA Individual Voluntary Agreements and Bankruptcy Advice
A website with free advice on problems of getting out of debt from a firm which arranges practical agreements by negotiating with banks and credit card companies.
Doctor Debt
An American website devoted to the to the understanding, prevention and treatment of debt.
Unravel It
An independent and impartial online price comparison service for UK utility bills and financial services.


OANDA Currency Converter
Has up-to-date rates for 164 currencies and also gives figures for earlier dates.
Universal Currency Converter
Performs rapid calculations involving any pair of currencies.
Pacific Exchange Rate Service
The Currencies of the World section gives details of the currencies of most countries, including their names, symbols, whether they are fixed or floating etc.
Currencies of the World
A list of currencies and their abbreviations.
A price comparison website for finding the cheapest rates for changing currencies and transferring money to other countries.
The Word "Dollar" and the Dollar Sign $
An outline of their origins and history.
Current Value of Old Money
Information about online and printed sources for determining what would be the equivalent value in today's money of any particular amount of money at some previous date in history.
Glossary of Money Terms - Official and Slang
It covers British and American terms and ancient terms for money, and has links to other glossaries.
Eurogiro Network
Eurogiro is a network for low value payments between banks and postal organisations and a gateway to other payment solutions in the Low Value Payment market. Its membership includes postal giros and some banks in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.
How to pay for holidays when your plastic just won't do
An article about transferring money abroad, the Observer, August 15, 2004.
International Money Transfer - a Traveller's Guide
Information about the pros and cons of various methods of sending money internationally.
The principles and Practice of contemporary Hawala: informal value transmission on a global scale
A presentation by Roger Ballard with 100 slides giving a detailed explanation of how hawala works.

Economics and Business in General

Currency and Money Guide for Kids new!
A guide for children covering a wide range of topics involving money, ranging from history to games.
Careers in Economics
Careers advice from the American University, Washington D.C..
Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary
Possibly the most comprehensive business related dictionary on the Internet for students, produced by ITS Tutorial School in Hong Kong.
TalkTalk Money
All the latest personal finance news features and advice.
EcEdWeb, the Economic Education Website, provides support for economic education in all forms and at all levels.

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