Final Settlement

A Psychological Thriller by Linda Davies

Cover of Final Settlement, the new thriller by Linda Davies.
Final Settlement is now available as an ebook new! from various suppliers.

Final Settlement, published in hardback by Severn House Publishers, is available from in the United States and the British branch of Amazon,, and the Canadian branch,

Cover of Final Settlement, the new thriller by Linda Davies.

Final Settlement, published by by McArthur & Company, is available from Amazon's Canadian branch, in both the mass market paperback edition and the trade paperback edition. It is also available from other booksellers.

Die Abrechnung, the German version of the new thriller by Linda Davies.

Die Abrechnung  the German version of Final Settlement, is published by Marion von Schröder and may be ordered from as well as other suppliers.

Morganna Hutton, a beautiful, rich young artist who was orphaned as a child, was brought up in Long Island where she is used to mixing with the multi-millionaires whose grand houses decorate the islands and to sailing on their yachts. She meets and falls in love with an aristocratic Scottish architect, Archie Edge, whose mother had been a great beauty in her youth and had been a model for some of the great names in 20th century art. The young man is the heir to a dilapidated castle on the wild, remote coast of north west Scotland. Using his architectural expertise and Morganna's fortune they begin to renovate the castle - but then Morganna's dreams begin to turn into nightmares as she realises that death is the final settlement.



Final Settlement is available as an ebook new! from, and for the Kindle reader and from Barnes & Noble for the Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo and most other readers.

English language Edition

Final Settlement was first published in Canada by McArthur & Company, in 2005 and the mass market paperback version came out the following year. Both versions can be ordered from bricks and mortar and online bookshops, including the Canadian branch of Amazon, who will supply customers not just in North American but anywhere in the world. The first hardback edition was published by Severn House Publishers in the UK in April 2007 and is available from the US, British and Canadian branches of Amazon as well as from other suppliers.
Hardback edition from
ISBN-10: 0727865072
ISBN-13: 978-0727865076
Hardback edition from
Hardback edition from
Hardback edition from Barnes & Noble  
Mass market paperback from
ISBN: 1-55278-561-0.
Trade paperback from, ISBN: 1-55278-489-4.


German Edition

The German edition, Die Abrechnung, is published by Marion von Schröder. ISBN: 3-547-71064-2.

Dutch edition

De Klip ISBN 9024550653 is published by Sijthoff. De Klip can be ordered from, new! a Dutch bookseller that also sells De Deal, the Dutch translation of Wilderness of Mirrors, as well as another edition of de Klip.


French edition

En ultime recours came out in November 2006.


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